Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Tata Motors to enter Thailand’s truck market this year

India’s biggest automaker Tata Motors is poised to make a mark on Thailand’s truck market this year, setting a sales target of 500 units for fiscal 2014 starting from April. 
Sanjay Mishra, Tata Thailand’s chief executive, said he believed Tata’s trucks are competitive and promising in the Thai
Despite the political impasse and adverse economic outlook Mr Mishra said Thailand’s overall truck demands remain
stable at around 15,000 units this year.
For fiscal 2014, Tata aims to boost Thai sales to 7,000 units including locally made pickup trucks and imported
passenger cars.
For fiscal 2013 ending March 31, Tata reported a 23.9% drop in Thai sales to 3,500 vehicles. (Via Bangkok Post)