Sunday, December 2, 2012

Thai Vehicle Output Hits Record High, Oct Exports +79.7%


Thailand's vehicle production hit a record high level in October, while vehicle exports also surged significantly due to a low base of comparison from last year, the Federation of Thai Industries said Friday.

The on-year rebound in vehicle production and exports came after severe floods last year disrupted the operations of a number of automakers and led to plunging figures in October 2011. Tax incentives for first-time car buyers also prompted strong demand for vehicles, driving up production, the federation said.

Production increased to 252,165 vehicles in September, 8.4% more than in September and more than five folds from the same period last year, the federation said in a statement.

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  1. Thanks, to sharing this post. It's great improvement of the Thailand vehicle industries, they make a record in vehicle production. They produce 8.4% more vehicles than previous month. Such a great progress. Automotive Market Report

  2. Can it be already estimated what portion of the domestic sales, driven by the government subsidies, is resulting in sub-prime loans? We should see within the first 6 months what percentage of consumers are not able to serve their monthly payables considering average household incomes and average car loans despite record bonuses paid for 2012.