Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Philippines: What's wrong with their Automotive Roadmap?

Via Interaksyon:

A Japanese executive of Isuzu Philippines Corp has openly criticized the Aquino administration's roadmap for the automotive industry, saying the path the government wants car makers to take is "impossible".

Takashi Tomita, Isuzu Philippines' executive vice president, told reporters on Tuesday that the proposed roadmap for the industry would not encourage growth and jobs generation--something that is sorely needed in a country that has a jobless rate of 6.5 percent as of the third quarter.

When asked if Trade Secretary Gregory L. Domingo is pushing the auto industry in the wrong direction, Tomita said: "Yes. It's completely wrong."

He said the target of making 40,000 units per model for each car manufacturer to be able to enjoy incentives from the government is "impossible" to reach given the high cost of building automobiles in the Philippines.

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