Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Bold forecast for 2015 car production

Via Bangkok Post:

Thailand's car production is estimated to rise by 500,000 vehicles next year, propelled by the second phase of the eco-car scheme, says the Thailand Automotive Institute (Tal).
"Although some car makers may put off their production because of the sluggish car market, there are still some makers who are ready to start their assembly line for the new phase: TAl president Vichai
Jirathiyut said.

"Overall production is thus likely to hit 3.35 million units [sic] in 2015." Ten car makers including five existing eco-car producers applied for the second phase of the government's eco-car scheme, with total expected investment of 139 billion baht.

All 10 participants are set to produce 1.58 million eco-cars. The existing five manufacturers are prepared to invest 86.8 billion baht for the production of 753,000 eco-cars, while the five newcomers will spend 52 billion to make 828,000.

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