Sunday, January 26, 2014

Malaysia: Auto policy makes big pitch to lure energy-efficient vehicle manufacturers

Via THE STAR: The Malaysian national automotive policies (NAPs) over the years had their fair share of hits and misses. Apart from addressing the price of imported cars, predominantly from South-East Asia, they have tried to bring modern practices apart from limited liberalisation of the auto industry.

But the biggest failure of past policies has been in attracting foreign car companies to set up manufacturing plants in the country. And the latest version of the National Automotive Policy aims to correct that.

The second version of the NAP in 2009 opened up the manufacturing of cars above 1,800cc and costing more than RM150,000 to foreign players. Unfortunately, it didn’t get any traction.

In 2010, the amount of foreign investments by car manufacturers was RM500mil, and that rose to RM900mil at the end of 2012. As at the end of October last year, the amount of money brought into the country by foreign car players was RM700mil. But that amount pales in comparison with the amount of foreign investments both Thailand and Indonesia have been receiving.

In comparison, domestic car companies’ investment stood at RM1.8bil in 2010 and that amount rose to RM4.1bil in 2012. As at end-October last year, RM2.3bil was invested by domestic companies in the automotive industry.

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