Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Malaysia in 2013 car market hit new all-time record.

Via Focus2Move:

Despite the flat performance reported in December, Malaysian car market ended 2013 posting a new all-time record volume, the second in a string, ranking as twenty-first car market worldwide. More than 50& of sales remained concentrated in the hands of local producers Perodua and Proton.

Accordingly with data released by M.A.A., the Malaysian Automotive Association, in December total light passenger vehicles sold in Malaysia have been 60.493, flat from last year. As consequence, the year 2013 ended with a total of 654.659 units sold, 20.000 more than forecast by MAA starting the year, and 43.000 or 7.0% higher than 2012.

The market hit the new all-time record, the second in a row, confirming the Malaysian as the third largest car market in the ASEAN and the 21st worldwide.

Looking at the best brands performance:

Perodua in 1st sold 16.525 units in December with a share of 27.3%, down 4.1 points from the previous month and 196.071 units in the entire year with a share of 29.9%, down 0.3 points from last year.

Proton was 2nd with 12.801 units and a share of 21.2%, down 0.8 points from the previous month. In 2013 Proton sold 38.753 vehicles with a share of 21.2%, down 1.3 points of share from the 2012.

Toyota was 3rd and leader among importers selling 7.950 units with a share of 13.1%, down 1.2 points from the previous month. Full Year 2013 sales have been 91.185 with a share of 13.9%, down 2.9 points of share from 2012.

Honda was 4th selling 7.165 units with a share of 11.8%, up 4.7 points of share from the previous month. In the 2013 Honda was 5th selling 51.544 units with a share of 7.9%, up 2.3 points from the previous year.

Nissan was 5th with 4.427 units and a share of 7.3%, up 1.0 points of share from the previous month. During the year Nissan sold 53.156 ranking 4th with a share of 8.1%, up 2.3 points from 2012.

Isuzu ranked 6th with 1.587 sales and 2.6% of share. In 2013, Isuzu was 8th with 12.061 sales and 1.8% of share, up 0.1 points from last year.

Hyundai was 7th with 1.540 sales and 2.5% of share. In the year Hyundai ranked 7th with 12.217 sales and 1.9% of share, flat from last year.

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